Southern Governors Asaba Meeting & National Unity


The timid Governors of Southern Protectorate of Nigeria have at last woken up from their deep slumber. Even worse are the representatives of the Protectorate who have been mute over the numerous atrocities President Muhammadu Buhari has committed against the South.

Unlike Southern Governors and Legislators who cowardly succumb to antics detrimental to the interest of the South, their Northern counterparts never compromise on issues that will free the South from their overlordship.

For instance, when southerners were grieving over the massacre and carnage from EndSars protest, Northern Governors, Legislators and elites assembled in Kaduna to jubilate over the anguish of the South.

Yet Southerners are quick to sympathizing with northerners over their self inflicted misfortunes. Southern Governors and Legislators are belatedly realizing that the forced marriage between Northern and Southern Nigeria is like an unending war between two enemies who sleep on the same bed.

The appeal by Southern Governors to President Buhari to act in the overall interest of Nigeria gives indication that they still do not understand that the President’s fanatical interest is sectional. Whether kings are dying or queens are mourning, the President will not heed to any appeal to save Nigeria from Fulani hegemony.

If citizens of Southern Protectorate have not seen the handwriting on the wall, they are playing the ostrich.

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