Downfall Of President Buhari’s Administration Is Neither Desirable Nor Necessary


For the sake of preserving Nigeria’s infant democracy, people should exercise patience and let this administration serve out its term.

Due to its incompetence, President Buhari’s administration had already failed to meet the aspirations of people in its first term. It ought to have been voted out but by hook or crook, it found itself at the helm of affairs once more.

For five years, President Buhari’s administration has failed to fulfill any of its promises. Worse still, is the administration’s inability to sustain the developmental legacies it inherited from previous administrations.

Under the watch of President Buhari, the economy has suffered two Stagflations in quick successions. Nigeria is now the poverty capital of the world. Furthermore, insecurity has escalated to the extent that the length and breadth of the country is now soaked with human blood, at a peace time.

At no time has the laxity of this administration become so evident than in the past few days, when the ‘EndSars’ protest was callously mismanaged and allowed to degenerate. Nigerians remain disheartened and are yet to recover from the horrific and gruesome massacre of peaceful protesters at Lekki Toll Gate on 20/10/20 by Nigerian soldiers.

It will take several years to recover from the trauma caused by that event and the carnage that characterized the first back. While the global community is outraged by the barbarism of the events, President Buhari and Security operatives feel no remorse as they continue to issue threats against the people of Nigeria.

If no side backs down and the faceoff continues, the damage to nationhood may become irreparable. I cannot see any willingness in this President Buhari’s administration to effect necessary corrections or that they can swallow their pride by showing remorse.

The onus therefore lies on aggrieved Nigerians to handle this delicate situation with wisdom and caution. There is more to gain in togetherness than in division. If Nigerians set their eyes on the ball and refuse to be distracted by the failings of this administration, democracy will flourish in future.

Nigerians should look beyond this administration for solutions to societal ills, and teething problems of nation building like restructuring and unity in diversity. It is common knowledge that this administration lacks the capacity to see the big picture.

Nigerians have already collectively made the grievous mistake of returning an incompetent administration to power, let us endure the pains till 2023 so as to preserve our hard won democracy.


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