Introducing the new V Biz Corporate Internet Banking Portal

Azubike Emodi VFD Bank MD

The good news is here for micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in Nigeria. A newly upgraded Corporate Internet Banking (CIB) portal, called V Biz, has been introduced by VFD Microfinance bank.  With V Biz, MSMEs can now enjoy banking services for their businesses. When you think about convenience, think about V Biz.

The new and upgraded V Biz portal comes with many new and exciting features that aim to serve you better. The V Biz portal rides on the wing of convenience and even more with the new upgrade, which now makes banking transactions for your business faster, easier, and more efficient. With the new features, you can now as a business owner, benefit from more choice, better value, more information, better tools to manage and your business, and a faster service.

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As a business owner, corporate banking for your business is one of the key aspects that attention ought to be given to. The stress and rigorous processes involved in traditional banking could make take a huge chunk of the time meant to use to tend to other things.

And so, V Biz has come to break that chain by providing you with more time via a better service, which ultimately would provide you with more time to concentrate on the other aspects of your business. You would get to enjoy a stress-free as well as easy banking with the new corporate internet banking portal. Want to hear another juicy thing? With V Biz, you can now bank from anywhere and anytime with just one tool – your phone.

The portal allows you to assign roles and workflow permissions to a desired number of employees based on your organizational structure. Get flexible financial management, collaboration, and access to financial information analysis in real time. Some of the other features on the portal include Single and Bulks Transfers for (salary and vendor payments), transaction history viewing and statement request.

New features, Easier Banking

The new portal now gives corporate customers and MSMEs more features and access to perform transaction from the comfort of their office or homes, and enjoy 24/7, ever-available banking services. Here are a few of the updated features:

  1. Live chat: Chat with our customer experience personnel whenever you encounter a challenge or need help when logged in.
  2. Beneficiary Maintenance: With the new portal, the stress of entering in a detail many times has been erased, as you can now save a beneficiary for another time or transaction.
  3. Dashboard and Analytics: Wouldn’t it be nice to have insights into your overall transactions as a business? Yes? With the new CIB portal, you would get exactly that.
  4. Recurring Transactions: This would help you set periodic payments and automate likewise.
  5. Multiple Company Viewing: This feature would be super helpful when you have a role in more than one business/company, as you would be able to view them all from a single login.

Do you need more reasons to come onboard with V Biz for your business banking? Here you have it!

  • The stressful and cumbersome nature of paperwork is now long-gone with V-Biz.
  • Access to a complete and up-to-date transaction.
  • Ease and accessibility of your financial and banking records. And…
  • Access to a standby customer support services right from the comfort of your home.


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