Imo Guber: ‘Uzodimma redefined political campaigns with remarkably effective strategy’


In a political landscape marked by dynamic challenges and evolving voter sentiments, Governor Hope Uzodimma has emerged as a pioneer in deploying strategically effective campaign methods in the South East of Nigeria that have left an indelible mark on the political narrative ahead of Saturday’s gubernatorial election in Imo State.

Imo For Hope, IFP, one of the support groups for Governor Uzodimma’s reelection which shared this sentiment believes the Governor will record a resounding triumph in the election, and his victory will stand as a testament not only to his impeccable performance in the last three and a half years but also to the power of a vigorous and well-executed campaign strategy.

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The group, through its chairman, Ngozi Uwazurike, said throughout the election season, Governor Uzodimma’s commitment, dedication, and tireless efforts undoubtedly played a pivotal role in the expected victory.

It said innovation in political campaigns is not just a preference but a necessity, insisting that the traditional methods of rallies, door-to-door canvassing, and mass media advertising, while still relevant, are no longer sufficient in themselves if not executed in sync with the aspirations and expectations of the ever-evolving voting populace, and Governor Uzodimma and his campaign team excellently delivered on that,  anchoring the process on the  campaign theme: ‘#ForwardTogether’ and #HopeRenewed

The group said the deployment of A-frame boards across the state caused a positive vibration across the length and breadth of Imo.

The A-frame boards were strategically positioned throughout Owerri, Okigwe, and Orlu zones, serving as essential campaign tools to communicate the government’s achievements and programs to the people of Imo State. These visually appealing structures featured captivating designs and colourful messages that highlighted the accomplishments and future plans of the Uzodimma administration.

Some of the inscriptions include ‘New Vision, New Direction’, ‘Building Opportunities Together’, ‘Focus on The Future’, ‘Hope For Tomorrow’, ‘ For A Greater Imo State’, ‘Keep The Progress Moving’, ‘Leading The Way To Safer Imo State’, ‘Happy Days Are Here Again’, ‘Let’s Build With You, For You, For Imo State,’ and ‘The Moon That Brings Prosperity, among others both in English and Igbo languages.

The group said it is even pertinent to note that people in the state began to own the campaign by deploying their personal A-frames in strategic places to support their candidate, Governor Uzodimma, with different inscriptions.

“Choked by the positive ripples the deployment of A-frame boards generated towards the Governor and his campaign, some elements loyal to the opposition parties in the veil of darkness ruthlessly damaged some of the campaign materials. Nevertheless, the messages had been fully etched in the hearts of Imo voters, and the physical destruction of the boards has done nothing to change their embrace of the Governor’s gospel as encapsulated in the materials,” the group noted.

“Governor Uzodimma’s expected remarkable success in the 2023 gubernatorial election can be attributed, in part, to the strategic use of political marketing communication deployed by PRM Africa, a leading marketing and communication company in Africa, which has partnered with so many aspirants and candidates for electioneering campaigns in Lagos, Enugu, Osun, Kaduna, Ogun, Rivers, Ondo, Kano, Ekiti, Imo, and Edo States as well as the Federal Capital territory Abuja to mention a few.  It got its operations extended to countries like Zimbabwe, Ghana and South Africa, among others.

PRM Africa Marketing and Communications Limited has also worked with many multilateral institutions and corporate brands in Lagos, Nigeria, and across Africa.

“We are pleased that the campaign also created a strong online presence for the Governor in a way that relegated the opposition parties to oblivion. A 360-degree communication campaign was implemented that included but was not limited to advertising on television and Radio, Public relations and reputation management and experiential marketing. Younger demographic and tech-savvy voters were seamlessly connected through social media, while the campaign also deployed total strategic digital marketing solutions to reach out to young voters in English, pidgin, and Igbo languages.”

Imo For Hope added that the dynamism of the campaign in Imo State completely changed when the Go-Out-To-Vote (GoTv), popularly called door-to-door activation, started. It noted that the 15-bus-long campaign convoy reached all the local government areas and most towns of the state, including the far-flung areas, like Okpala, a border town between Imo and Abia states in the Ngor-Okpala local government area where politicians hadn’t reached for campaigns in many years.

“We are happy and proud of a successful campaign for His Excellency Governor Uzodimma. This is unprecedented in the history of political campaigns in this state. It was a massive endeavour that dwarfed and consigned opposition parties to just social media. He is clearly the only candidate on the ground; he is the only one speaking with the electorates.

“The Governor’s presence is felt throughout the length and breadth of this state, and we have to praise our amiable Governor for this partnership with PRM Africa. His expected victory in Saturday’s election will serve as a resounding testament to the importance of a vigorous and committed campaign effort in securing the trust and votes of the electorate. For other political figures and entities in Nigeria, this partnership serves as a shining example of the possibilities that exist in modern political communication campaigning,” Uwazurike was quoted in the press statement.

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