Forbes Nominates TERAWORK For Nigerian First Digital Startup Accelerator

Chief Operating Officer of TERAWORK, Mrs Titilayo Taiwo

Forbes has nominated TERAWORK, a leading indigenous base online marketplace for freelance services platform for the first Nigeria digital startup accelerators. This year edition, Forbes enlisted a number of startups to represent virtually all the major industries in the country. 

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Over the years, Forbes has been supporting small businesses, startups, and freelancers in scaling up for the future. Among several programmes by Forbes is the Digital Startup Accelerator, a free digital training for businesses with access to one hundred thousand dollars in free credits and perks from AWS, Google Cloud, and IBM Cloud.  

In what has been described as a historic all-inclusive move to train and support Nigerian startups, Nigeria’s fastest-growing online marketplace for freelance services, TERAWORK, with a track record of connecting individuals and businesses to highly rated and vetted professionals, was listed alongside other startups.

Speaking on the nomination the Chief Operating Officer of TERAWORK, Mrs Titilayo Taiwo explained that, “besides, a closer look at value addition to the growth of entrepreneurship and impact on small business in the society away from the logistics, infrastructural, healthcare sector among others, we are excited because TERAWORK as a startup is bent on reducing the cost of hiring professionals with value-added delivery at a business-friendly rate, and taking away the stress of managing projects”. 

She pointed out that, all these are achieved by simply helping entrepreneurs get the needed talented individuals as a skilled workforce who are abreast of strategies, tact, and qualities essential for businesses to operate smoothly and dynamically. 

Adding that, while the importance of remote work cannot be overemphasized, organizations worldwide have embraced working remotely, especially in disruptive times such as the ongoing pandemic, and with the new model of work on the rise, TERAWORK leverages on its bank of professionals to bolster both individuals and organizations remote talented workforce. 

“Thus, if scaled by Forbes at its first Digital Startup Accelerator, and with the evident increasing number of digitally skilled workers, TERAWORK will beyond the shores of Nigeria, cause a paradigm shift to the economy space across the African continent, thereby resulting to a significant economic boost. With a mission to train, help, build and scale startups such as TERAWORK for the future, free and without equity, the Forbes first digital startup accelerator will greatly foster the economic opportunities as the world prepares for the COVID-19 aftermath economic realities”. 

Titilayo noted that with emphasis on evolving technological skills and talents for the remote workforce of the future, and given the qualification requirements for Forbes Digital Startup Accelerator, TERAWORK, prides itself on a bank of vetted professionals with convenient work management, easy-access messaging system and full control overpayment, built on the foundation to motivate entrepreneurs and freelancers by unlocking their full potential and fostering the growth of their skills.

According to her “TERAWORK contributes quotably to alleviating unemployment in the country with a strength of over five thousand independent professionals delivering quality digital services across the board. While the Forbes Digital Startup Accelerator focuses on startups that have been increasing labour productivity and shifting unemployment back to pre-financial crisis levels, TERAWORK, is committed to ensuring that the Nigerian economy grows at a faster rate and foster more progress by increasing employment opportunities, particularly for young people. Interestingly, these opportunities are gender inclusive, thereby reducing the gender pay gap by promoting decent, safe, and secure working environments for all”

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