ADF Food security plan workable–Bishop Okonkwo,Dr Odii,Mazi Ohuabunwa

Mazi Sam Uhuabunwa

The  Akurulo  Development Foundation (ADF) food security strategy has received the support of top Nigerians domiciled in Lagos who have thrown their weight behind it as the best way to boost food production in  the country.

This came to light in the Dinner held within the Week by ADF to inform select businessmen/women at Lilygate Hotel, Lekki, Lagos.

The trio of Bishop Mike Okonkwo of  TREM, Businessman Dr Ifeanyi Odii and the Peoples Democratic Party(PDP)Presidential Aspirant and President Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria ,Mazi Sam Ohuabunwa hinted that the plan by ADF is workable and should be embraced by all to ensure food security.

Other men of timbre and Calibre who graced the occasion include Professor Uzodima Nwala, President ADF, Chief Solomon Ogbonna Aguene, President, Ohanaeze Ndigbo Lagos, Spokesman ,Mr Abia Onyike (Former Commissioner of Information Eboyi), Deacon Chima Momah, PDP House of Reps stalwart, Jude Nwude, Mr Emmanuel Mok, Secretary ADF Lagos among other dignitaries.

Speaking at the event Mazi Ohuabunwa said that every good thing comes from genuine sacrifice and the determination to ensure its success, saying that ADF should be supported by all and sundry in the battle against hunger in the land.

He praised the plan presented by ADF which is an Agricultural model based on Cooperative basis, saying that that is the way to go since subsistent farming can not do much to help the nation achieve food security given our population.

According to him ’’A land that does not have food, what else can they have ?We want to go into commercial farming to provide employment and food’’.

Dr Odii speaking in the same vein stated that the ADF initiative is what is needed at this point in time as it has the capacity to provide massive investment and employment of restive youths in the overall interest of our nation.

He therefore called on all and sundry to support the plan so that the cooperative can come alive and begin a new era of peace and progress for our people, adding that Igbos should think home and ensure that apart from investing in the diaspora that they invest at home too.

In her comment, Head ADF Cooperative Movement, Madam  Nnena Chimezie stated the need to industrialize our land and that we should start this by going back to the farm at least to feed our selves, maintaining that until we can do this that we can not say we are successful as every other thing is transient.

As she said the dependence on the importation economy is shallow because any governmental policy can wipe that out over night, stressing that we should think ahead for sake of  our overall survival  as a nation.

Professor Nwala in his welcome address had urged all gathered to support the ADF in its effort to transform our situation to a better station. He stressed that every support to ADF programmes would be equitably utilized for the purpose it was intended as the foundation has put in place a management board made up of responsible and capable  people.

He said the onus is on us to transform our challenges of ‘’no cooperative agendas  and anarchy on our land’’ and make sure that we are on top of the game in the affairs of Nigeria.

He pleaded with our youths to cooperate with their elders to think outside  the box to find solutions to our predicaments, saying the youths and the elders must synergize for us to be on top of the game both socially and economically.

Mr Onyike and Mr Mok thanked all that graced the event ,saying that their support was cherished even as they reminded them that ADF is in their overall interest and that they should invest in the effort as its minders are men and women who are out to make a difference for our people.

Therefore they urged that the need to invest at home is a call which time has come and that the message should be taken to the East, West, North and South.

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