Vilification Of FFK Over His Temperamental Outburst Should Now End


Its a welcome development that FFK has summoned the courage to tender his unreserved apology to the insulted Journalist. As we all know, pride goes before a fall. Therefore, his decision to swallow his unnecessary pride and embrace humility is highly commendable. It is a great quality of moral strength to assuage the wounded feelings of another person consciously or unconsciously offended by one.

That incident did incalculable harm to the image of Femi Fani Kayode at a time several Nigerians had come to love him for his irrepressible stand against evils in the country. He had attained a status of high esteem wherein many callers on Radio after the incident, mistook him for the revered  Gani Fawehinmi.

Considering the uproar that greeted FFK’s outburst, he should now understand that Nigerians look upon him as a moralist, social crusader, catalyst for positive change and progressive leader. He should not disappoint us.

The apology is confidence reassured by FFK. It has redressed the reputational damage  he suffered due to that incident. However, there is a good lesson to learn. It is the need for us to emulate the rare maturity, calmness and humility displayed by the insulted Journalist, who answered back with apology. Having humbled himself, society has exalted him to the enviable position of a role model.

Having also atoned for his transgression, we should continue to pray for FFK to overcome the negative spiritual force of anger so that he can pursue his selfless and well meaning contributions to the tasks of nation building.

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