VAT Restoration Not Ideal Now

Shehu Mallam Mikail: National President Constance Shareholders' Association of Nigeria

The restoration of VAT charges to all Capital Market transaction is not ideal now as our Capital Market is not really sound now due to inconsistent in policies approach to market and it can not build an interest to any interested people who would wish to venture into our Capital Market with their hard earned money.

It would be better if our tax regulator could revert the ideas if we would like to see more development in our Capital Market and extent it for the next five years when there is more stability in market, good governance structure in place where all needed infrastructural facilities in places to boast the economy.

And a well security structure in place at which enable environment is also in place this would increase inflow and outflow of business activities in country from there our economy will start improving, then our Capital Market will start seeing more improvement by then VAT can be looked into but by now it is not an ideal for the restoration if we want to see more improvement in our Capital Market.

Shehu Mallam Mikail: National President Constance Shareholders’ Association of Nigeria

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