Prepaid meters: NERC to sanction defaulting power firms


Against the backdrop of the statement by electricity distribution companies that they cannot provide one million prepaid meters to customers yearly, the industry regulator has said it will sanction any Disco that fails to live up to its performance agreements.

The Acting Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission, Mr. Anthony Akah, in a telephone interview, told our correspondent that the regulator may have to introduce more interventions to protect the consumers from undue estimated billing.

He said, “NERC has directed the Discos to meet up their metering obligations in line with the performance agreements. And therefore, we are going to look into the number of meters they are supposed to do and hold them strictly accountable. There is no going back on that.

“If they fail to meter consumers in line with those clear agreements that were duly signed, then we will have to sanction them and may have to come out with other regulatory intervention to protect the consumers from undue estimated billing.”

The Discos had on Wednesday said the cap on their capital expenditure was a hindrance to meeting the deadline given to them by the Federal Government to meter one million electricity consumers annually.

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