Heritage Bank Boss Calls for Increased Awareness on Financial Inclusion


The Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of Heritage Bank Limited, Mr. Ifie Sekibo has called for an increased awareness on financial inclusion so as to bring more Nigerians into the financial system. Sekibo, said this during the presentation of the Gold Sponsorship award for 2015 to Heritage Bank by the Finance Correspondents Association of Nigeria (FICAN) at the bank’s head office in Lagos.\r\nHe said: “The ball is shifting, the days when only the formal sector should understand finance are over. Everybody should begin to understand finance. They should understand how they spend their money, why we need to save and we need to teach our children why they need to save from now. \r\nThese are some of the conversations we need to have to ensure that we promote financial inclusion. As journalists, we need to be able to educate people on why they should save money and how they can save and the need for us to spend in line with our budget as individuals.” He stressed the need for FICAN members to drive the conversation for Nigerians to change their lifestyles.\r\n“More important for us is the conversation for us on how we need to change our lifestyle. We can’t grow an economy where all we want to spend on are dollar-denominated and foreign goods. Left for Nigerians, they want to be doing all their spending on dollars, forgetting that dollar is not our local currency”.\r\nEverything they do with dollar gives employment to somebody in another country and not in Nigeria. So, we must continue to have that conversation and it must be robust. “So, it is important as a people to begin to educate our fellow Nigerians on these things and it is the financial correspondents that must drive this, because this is a very serious issue and if we don’t, we would all regret it. You have members in print, electronic and online, if with 100 people on your platform alone, you can drive this change.”\r\nCommenting on the award by FICAN, he said: “We are still very young in our development as an organisation. We didn’t step out to support FICAN with the intention of getting this award. People send all kinds of letters to us saying we have been awarded this and that but we have been turning them down.\r\n“We deliberately turned down all kinds of awards, but this one from FICAN is very special and I can’t say no to it. We didn’t ask for it and it came to us as a surprise, which is why we value it so much. “You have been covering the sector for a while and we believe that it is our responsibility to ensure that the quality of information that comes from people that cover the sector is useful to the public and you have done a good job in doing that.\r\n“So, we will continue on that to ensure that we improve on the ability of journalists to report the industry. This award will spur us to do more. This is an encouragement for us to engage more with you.”

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