Disco Says Electricity Consumers Paid N233 Billion In Six Months


The total revenue collected by power distribution companies in the country rose to N233.5bn in the first half of this year from N218.4bn in the same period last year. The Discos’ revenue collection stood at N118.9bn in the second quarter, up from N114.6bn in Q1, the latest data obtained from the Association of National Electricity Distributors on Wednesday showed.

ANED, the umbrella body for the Discos, said energy received in Q2 dropped to 6,912.8 gigawatt-hours from 6,950.8GWh in Q1, with energy billed being 5,587.5GWh (an equivalent of N180.8bn) and 5,576.8GWh (N176.5bn), respectively.

The Discos’ collection efficiency improved to 66 per cent in Q2 from 65 per cent in Q1. “The energy received by Discos in Q2 was less than the amount received in Q1 for most of the Discos. Only Abuja Electricity Distribution Company, Ikeja Electric and Kano Electricity Distribution Company received more energy,” the association said in a document. ANED said, “In a yearly comparison, the revenue collection of all Discos has increased in N47bn (12 per cent), mostly due to the reduction of the aggregate technical, commercial and collection losses from 50.8 per cent to 46.7 per cent.”

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